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Text Post Mon, Sep. 26, 2011 7 notes

drabble #1 ) from ‘littlescottishangstmuffin’

the prompt is ‘usuk & cake’. ♥

Until Arthur had seen it with his own eyes, he would never have guessed that the boy in front of him, all big eyes and sticky fingers smudged with cream and smeared with cherry sauce, could simultaneously act about seven years old and still make cake look so terrifically, expertly seductive.

Alfred traces his fingertip around the rim of the china plate, picking up the stray dust of sugar left behind. He smiles at Arthur, fully aware that his boyfriend is giving him those eyes again. Arthur bites his lip.

"You’ve not even touched your cake yet!” he grins, knowing exactly what he is doing, ”Are you not hungry?”

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  3. nasty-show said: I now want cake. I now want America and England feeding me cake.